Roof Top Solar Systems

Roof Top Solar Systems

Rising cost of Electricity makes today the best time to invest in Techii’s Solar Roof-top Systems. Be an Independent power producer, not only does a system pays itself off via Subsidies and lower, or No electricity bills. Your investment in Roof Top solar systems further attracts Tax Benefits for a commercial establishment.

A standard Techii’s Solar Roof-top system installation is affordable to almost everyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper way forward. Installing a solar power KW system will instantly add to the value of your residential or commercial establishment. Your most Profitable investment ever ! Techii Solar provide following types of modules:

  1. 36 Cell Mono / Polycrystalline Solar PV Module
  2. 36 / 72 Cell Mono / Polycrystalline Solar PV Module
  3. 60 / 72 / 80 Cells Mono / Polycrystalline Solar PV Module
Roof Top Solar Systems
Roof Top Solar Systems

Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) refers to photovoltaic cells and modules which can be integrated into the building envelope as part of the building structure, and therefore can replace conventional building materials, rather than being installed afterwards.

Advantage of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

  • Noise protection (up to 25 db sound dumping is possible)
  • Thermal insulation (heating as well as cooling)
  • Improving the efficiency of cells by cooling through rear ventilation
  • Visual cover / refraction (one-way mirroring visual cover)
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Aesthetic quality (integration in buildings as a design element)
  • Safety (safety glass function is possible)
  • Weatherproof (Waterproof and windproof facade or roof of a building)
  • Sun protection / shadowing

We also provide custom built color & shapes, which are designed to increase curb appeal, improve aesthetics, and increase your investment on residential or commercial solar installations. Our color series photovoltaic modules come with colored cells & vibrant designs while our Flexible Series PV modules can be used on any curved or hard wearing surfaces. Our modules, which combine aesthetic and performance, are of highest quality, cost-effective and top-rated in output power.